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Check out our programme of pre-recorded workshops and activities below, available anytime until 20th September, 11.59pm! Enjoy at your own pace, our online festival is designed to fit around your busy lives!

To access any of the sessions below, click the coloured “Watch” button next to the session you want to access. After clicking you will be taken to the pre-recorded workshop. If appropriate and the session is accompanied with a resource, click the purple or green squares with a cloud and arrow within. After clicking you will be taken to the resource.

All our pre-recorded workshop videos have captions; if they aren't showing just click the CC button which you can usually find at the bottom right of the screen to turn the captions on.

Ori Folder Workshop

With Yvette Ja

Learn to make this no sew book-folder using origami and traditional bookbinding techniques. It's ideal for the complete beginner and you will take away an A6 sized pocket book which doubles up as a folder to keep photos, notes or money in.


3 Steps to Find Calm, Feel in control and Create Joy Workshop

With Gabrielle Treanor

Mindset and positive psychology coach Gabrielle Treanor helps caring, big-hearted women to bring down the overwhelm so that they feel calmer, more peaceful and happier in their daily lives.


In this workshop Gabrielle will share:

  • What resiliency is and is not

  • Why you feeling frazzled is NOT your fault

  • How to recognise when you’re overwhelmed and why it’s so important you take care of yourself

  • A fast and effective technique to feel calmer that you can do any time, anywhere

  • An exercise that puts you back in the driving seat of your life

  • A powerful action that breathes joy into your daily life without you needing to change a thing


You’ll come away from this workshop equipped with tools you can put into action straight away to soothe your mind and nerves when your stress is high, to feel strong and sure when life seems uncertain, and to bring joy into every single day.


All you need is yourself, a pen and paper, and in the space of less than an hour you'll feel calmer, stronger and ready to bring on the joy! 


Pop-up Books

With Yvette Ja

Enter the world of Pop up books using paper folding (Origami) and cutting (kirigami) techniques.

As we are using techniques from Japan we thought we would focus on spring blossom for our subject matter.

Learn the basics and you will have the knowledge to make your own books or cards from home using your own drawings or collage. 

This workshop takes you through paper engineering techniques used to make 3Dimensional books or pop up cards. 


The Imposter Syndrome Challenge

With Sarah Raad

Stop worrying, start living!


Many of us are familiar with imposter syndrome, feeling that we are not good enough, talented enough and accomplished enough and that any minute now we are going to be found out as the fraud that we are.


Imposter syndrome affects the lives of many people and the insecurities and uncertainties around the recent pandemic have increased these feelings for a lot of us.


But your coach Sarah Raad has a solution!


In this challenge, you will learn about your imposter syndrome and how to deal with is so that it no longer holds you back in life.


The challenge includes a video to watch and downloadable workbook to work through a five day programme and record your findings. Sarah will help you to explore your imposter syndrome and show you how to start busting your feelings of self doubt and imposter syndrome.

You will learn some quick and easy ways to get your unworthy thoughts back in check and start to generate positive feelings about your talents, strengths and capabilities! You can choose to take action straight away or work through the material in your own time.


Once you have gone through the material and completed the tasks you will feel more confident in your abilities and in control of the unhelpful voice in your head.


Face Massage

With Louise Rea

Join aromatherapist Louise Rea as she guides you through a relaxing face massage. 

Put your feet up and take a little time to unwind as Louise shares her advice and techniques.

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