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Take a look at our programme of live workshops - lots to keep you busy all week!

To join the workshop on the day just click the Watch button and it will take you to zoom!


The Art of Paper & Stitch

With Jennifer Collier

Monday 13 September - 7-9pm

Paper pioneer Jennifer Collier creates exquisite sculptures from vintage recycled materials in conjunction with stitch; a contemporary twist on traditional textiles. The papers serve as both the inspiration and the media for the work, with the narrative suggesting the forms.


Through this marriage of unlikely materials old papers are transformed into something truly unique, delicate and complex.

Most recently Jennifer has been collecting rarely used, heritage stitches and discovering how to translate the art of lost stitches onto paper, as these techniques are an important part of our creative heritage and she wants to continue to invest time in them to keep them in the present, offering them onto future generations. Jennifer is giving new life to things that would otherwise go unused, unloved or be thrown away…

Join Jennifer to hear all about the art of paper & stitch followed by a paper flower make along! Click the watch button below to join the zoom session!

If you would like to make-a-long then just gather together the following materials:

Found/recycled paper (ANY type or size) 




Glue (a strong clear glue like UHU or Bostic works best, but a glue gun works too) 

Paperclips (or hair clips work too)


And OPTIONAL for this are:

Thin wire or wooden skewers

Buttons and beads


Grey board or scrap card to make a template 

PVA glue and a brush

zoom flowers 3_edited.jpg

Yoga with Kerrie

Tuesday 14 September - 7-8pm

Run by the very wonderful Kerrie Murray Dru Yoga is a beautiful, flowing form of yoga for all abilities and ages. It helps to relax, unwind and stretch out your body. It also revives tired muscles, reduces back pain and combats stress. Yoga gives your body a much-needed rest from all the ‘doing.’ In particular, it gives your mind a chance to stop, relax and find a quiet, still point in your busy world.


Yoga involves so much more than physical poses, practiced on a yoga mat. Yoga is a way of living the very best life you can. It is learning to accept your body, who you are and the situation you are in. But most importantly, it is learning to be kind to - and love - yourself.


Caring for your wellbeing has to come from within. You need to let go of expectations and embrace the present moment. Yoga gives you the tools to do this!


Crystals for Creativity

With Conscience Crystals

Wednesday 15 September - 7-9pm

Join Crystal expert Gemma Pethbridge to find out more about the creative properties of crystals and how to harness their energy!


Did you know you can use crystals to support and even overcome creative blocks? In this fun, interactive class, Gemma will show you how the colour of a crystal helps you understand which part of the creative process it can support. She will then help you identify just what crystal you need right now for your current creative needs.


Whether you have never bought a crystal before or you have a room full of them, this workshop will help take your knowledge to the next level. You do not need any previous experience working with these beautiful stones, all you need to know is that you’re drawn to them, and you would like to learn more.

Crystal Teacher and soon-to-be Author, Gemma Petherbridge of Conscience Crystals, has 14 years of experience in the industry. In this two hour workshop, she will impart as much of her knowledge as she can, so you can go from beginner to a mini crystal expert in that short space of time.


Kintsugi: Mends of Gold

Kintsugi Oxford & ‘Kintsugi: The Poetic Mend’ 

Thursday 16 September - 7-8.30pm

Kintsugi is a magical Japanese repair technique that saves our precious and irreplaceable ceramic objects. Rather than making the repair ‘as good as new’, kintsugi tells the story of the pot by highlighting the repaired seams in gold. Loss and recovery, overcoming adversity – these are the lessons we learn from kintsugi.


At Kintsugi Oxford ( professional restorer Iku Nishikawa undertakes repairs, offers lessons and workshops (online and in person), and supplies the materials needed for kintsugi repairs.


Bonnie Kemske ( is the author of Kintsugi: The Poetic Mend, recently published by Bloomsbury Press, in which, through written text, stories, and beautiful photos, she presents kintsugi’s historical and contemporary use and explores its powerful metaphor.


Iku and Bonnie are looking forward to their joint presentation where together they will give the audience an understanding of kintsugi’s technique and tell its fascinating story, as well as answer questions.

Bonnie Kemske – ‘Kintsugi traces memories, bringing together the moment of destruction of the broken pot and the gold seams of repair through finely-honed skills in the creation of a new pot from the old, one that may be stronger and even more beautiful than the original.’

Iku Nishikawa – ‘Whether you are a Grayson Perry follower on Instagram or you just want to fix your broken Diana Royal wedding mug, Kintsugi class is fun for everyone, whatever your skill.’

Kintsugi kits and tools are available from Iku’s website 

Make & Mend Festival visitors are offered a special discount code of 20% off Bonnie Kemske’s book Kintsugi, The Poetic Mend when purchased here with the code KINTSUGI20 (UK only)


Yin Yoga & Meditation

With Yoga House Yarm

Friday 17 September 7-8pm

Wind down for the weekend with this pre-recored session with Kerrie.

Leave the stress and anxiety of the week behind with this relaxing Yin Yoga and meditation session.

If you have never tried yoga before this is the perfect chance to try with this slow and mindful practice. Yin is a slow-paced style of Yoga, where postures are held for between three and five minutes.

With a focus on breathing and stretching this session is the perfect way to end the week.


Light Up Your Life!

With Sarah Raad

Saturday 18 September 10am-12pm

When we feel tired, the first thing we do to tackle the issue is to get more rest.

Have you ever had that experience of feeling worn out and then getting a call or invitation to do something from someone you like and suddenly you feel more energetic? Or got a stressful project finished and felt a sudden boost?

Or the opposite, have you had a restful weekend but then one hour back at work and you feel drained and are already looking forward to the next weekend!

What if our lack of energy isn’t about physical tiredness?

What if we are tired because there are too many things in our lives that drain us and not enough that energise us?

And what would life be like if we could remove the drainers, and pinpoint things that energise us?

Because when you do that, everything is easier – you feel more creative, more productive and things start to flow!

In this engaging and insightful workshop, we will do just that!

We will gather and work together to get really clear on our drainers and energisers, tap into our own wisdom about what needs to change for US and make a plan to start making some changes!

Download the workbook here

Crochet Baskets by Emma Leith.jpg

Crochet Baskets

With Emma Leith

Saturday 18 September 1-3pm

Join Emma for two hours of crochet fun where you will make a colourful basket.  You are invited to dive into a sea of colour as you work a simple pattern with a gentle twist. Learn the art of blending and working random colours as you discover it may not be as random as you thought whilst mastering crocheting in the round to make a circle that lays flat! This mixed ability class is perfect for both the confident beginner and the more experienced crocheter and will include hints, tips and crochet techniques along the way.


Suitable for anyone who has mastered chain stitch and double crochet.  The more familiar you are with working these stitches the more you will get out of this class so click on to Youtube and have a practice before you arrive! 


This class comes with this PDF pattern tutorial to download to accompany the lesson plus a list of materials you will need.

Emma is an author, designer and queen of colour! Find out more about her here

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