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The Make & Mend Festival is back for 2019!

A unique and enchanting day of colour, positivity, wellbeing and crafts.

Sunday 7th July – Preston Hall Museum

Founded by the Make & Mend Company this colourful festival is run by friends Rachel and Lyndsey, in Stockton on Tees, North East England. They met at work, in jobs that saw them collaborating, often in high pressure situations. It was this experience that illuminated their shared interests and natural crossovers.

Rachel went through a patch of life where things felt like they were falling apart at the seams. Determined not to let things unravel, she turned to her love of sewing and embroidery, and began to stitch her way back to happiness. She began to feel confident enough to not only talk about her experiences, but do something to help others; “it’s now ok to say you’re not ok, I feel like this, what can I do to help myself feel better?”

Lyndsey had travelled a similar path, though she found strength and healing in yoga. This practice gave her sense of calm and well-being she’d not known before, and a new perspective on life.

Connecting the dots, Rachel and Lyndsey realised they’d make a great team; they had a mutual desire to share mindful mending and healing with the world, “many people go around sticking plasters on things, rather than addressing the problem itself”. The Make & Mend Company was born.

Casting spools of support to those looking for some creative therapy, the Make & Mend company creates products that introduce people to the positive effects of making by hand. The soulful hoop embroidery kits include not only instructions on how to stitch the beautiful affirmation designs, but practical advice on how to deal with the subject matter you’re stitching about. They’re the first ever products of this kind, aimed at tackling the mind, body and soul. The process of mending and making repairs, restores and rejuvenates; not only the item, but the person; and both are all the more beautiful for it.

The friends launched the very first Make & Mend Festival, in July 2018 at Preston Hall Museum, Stockton-on-Tees and the response was overwhelming attracting a wide range of visitors from all ages and backgrounds.

Talking about the festival Rachel explained “You can expect to experience a fun day full of colour and character, positivity and wellbeing, craft and creativity. Our visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy craft workshops, listen to inspiring talks, watch expert craft demonstrations, join in with our big makes, relax in the sunshine (not guaranteed!), enjoy a mindful walk, take a yoga class, meet like-minded people and enjoy soaking up the creative atmosphere with craft lovers, positive thinkers and mindful makers.’

Lyndsey added “There really is nothing like this happening in the country at the moment. Our festival is designed to help you make some time for yourself and unleash your creative spirit, in a safe place of like minds. This year we are offering an entry only ticket option giving access to the whole Festival site including the Big Makes area, the Marketplace and the Wellbeing Garden. If you choose to add workshops to your day later, you can.”

Tickets start at £10 and are already selling fast.

Rachel & Lyndsey hope that the Make & Mend Festival can help provide festival visitors with a little positivity and creativity and connect this group of remarkable people through their shared journey to happiness.

To find out more about Make & Mend, head to their website, or follow them on Instagram @makeandmendco

Links & tickets:

Instagram: @makeandmendco

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