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Time for blog number 2!

Make & Mend Festival is happening very soon and nearly 200 of you crafty lovers and mindful makers, will be joining us on 12th September, 10am-5pm at Ormesby Hall! This unmissable festival of colour, craft and positivity is underpinned by the belief that give yourself space to be creative and being present, is good for the mind, body and soul.

Make & Mend Festival started as founders Rachel and Lyndsey, both felt the benefits of craft during challenging times in their lives. This festival is all about celebrating that and inviting others to gift themselves the space and time to be creative.

In a post-pandemic world, where our mental health has been tested and our emotional cups are running low, this festival could be the tonic you need. My mental health across the pandemic has been a rollercoaster – I’ve really struggled. And I noticed part way through the pandemic/lockdowns that the more I struggled, the less time I was spending doing the things I enjoyed and being creative! So I made a real effort to change that – crafty and mindful things that I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed and helped me are pom pom making, punch needle, mandala colouring, sound baths and meditations. If you’d told me three years ago, I would be the type of person to enjoy colouring in and meditation, I’d have laughed…. But hey, I love it! And it works for me. I really encourage you, if like me, you deprioritise yourself and creativity, even though it benefits you, well…. Make & Mend is an opportunity to rectify that.

With that in mind, ahead of the festival, I thought I’d catch up with Lyndsey Stephenson, the other half of Make & Mend Company and co-founder of Make & Mend Festival, to chat about the well-being side of Make & Mend Festival….

So over to Lyndsey….

Hi Lyndsey, it’s very nearly time for Make & Mend festival….what are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about being able to deliver an in-person event and connecting with all of our lovely festival attendees! After a year off, it’s amazing to be planning a live event again. We have a great selection of workshops on offer which include festival favourites alongside crafts which will probably be new to a lot of people - it’s great to be able to include them in this year’s festival programme.

What are your top tips to get into a creative head space?

I know that can be easier said than done sometimes! Stepping away from screens and distractions is a good place to start and not putting pressure on yourself to create something perfect and just enjoy the process. Also doing something that inspires you – for example, going for a walk, can help put you in the right mood to get creative. I think making a creative activity a regular habit is really important too, so it becomes a must-have part of your day and getting into that creative headspace then becomes second nature.

Why is it important that people make time in their lives to be creative?

Doing something creative is such an amazing way to help you switch off from daily life and whatever might be bothering you; it’s a bit like meditation for us! It can help you feel calmer and less stressed, it allows you to experiment and definitely makes life more interesting and joyful. It’s also really great for your confidence levels - we are real advocates for just enjoying the process, but the sense of achievement you feel when you have made something by hand, or you’ve mastered a new creative skill is hard to beat.

Can you tell me about the well-being side of the Make & Mend Festival 2021 programme – what can folx expect?

We will have yoga sessions on offer throughout the day where people can move their body a little and stretch after some intensive crafting! Visitors will also be able to experience a relaxing sound bath which will help restore their energy – for a bit more crafting! We think one of the most important things we can do for our wellbeing is to connect with other people, which is why we’ve created new elements such as our Craft Social area where visitors can get together with other crafters in a really relaxing environment, swap tips, chat and get stuck into their craft projects.

And there is the digital element of the programme – can you tell us a bit about that?

The digital programme is new for this year and something we are really pleased to be able to offer as we feel it is a great way to extend the festival experience. It will include live workshops which will teach people some wonderful crafts such as the art of paper and stitch, crochet and the Japanese art of kintsugi. There will also be wellbeing workshops such as introduction to crystals, yoga and a workshop sharing tips on how to light up your life! There will also be downloadable patterns and more. We think the digital programme is a lovely offer for our festival visitors and a way for people further afield to experience the festival if they aren’t able to travel.

Thank you Lyndsey!

And this year’s Make & Mend Festival 2021 is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and take time out for yourself. A full day of colour and mindful making!

So why not join me? I will be there….lurking, making and most definitely playing! Make & Mend Festival is happening at NT Ormesby Hall on 12th September, 10am-5pm and tickets are available to purchase now; Full day, half day and digital only ticket available.

For full festival programme CLICK HERE and tickets visit CLICK HERE.

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